Steps and how to make whipped cream on noodles : Flixabay
Steps and how to make whipped cream on noodles : Flixabay

Steps and how to make whipped cream on noodles : Flixabay

The legendary Recipe for Dumplings from West Java

The inhabitants of Bandung and around it must be very popular for this legendary   recipe of news Java with dumplings. Western Java, especially Bandung is really known for a variety of culinary very diverse and tasty. Mie shake is one  of the delicious culinary arts that is not   only popular in Bandung but also in various other regions including Jakarta.

Whipped cream with dumplings is a typical Western Javanese  culinary  cookery consisting of noodles, Brussels sprouts of beans and kikila, and then dilapidated  with thick salty soup.   As a culinary addition, it is usually served with kikila, bass,  mustard greens, praziluka and also  fried onions.   This  cuisine is best suited to  eat in winter or rain because it can  warm the stomach.

Although this is typically Western public culinary, whipped noodle sellers can now be found in various other regions. One serving  of this dish is usually sold at prices ranging from Rp. 10,000  to Rp. only 15,000.

But if you want to make it yourself at home,  this recipe with  dumplings from West Java is actually not complicated.   The following are the ingredients and steps you can do if you want to make whipped cream on noodles  yourself at home:

 Ingredients and seasons for making whipped noodles

In order for this Western Javanese cookery to be,  first  prepare the ingredients and seasons . There are several main ingredients and bumbin to make the recipe with  dumplings delicious  and simple.   For more details, see  the following review:

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Dumplings with eggs  500 grams
  2. Raw beans sprout  100 grams
  3. Cow’s foot (kikil)
  4. Leek and celery
  5. Water to taste

Resep mie shake typical of West Java for gravy seasoning:

  1. Watering sheet  4 pieces
  2. Serai 3 štapića
  3. Ginger two finger segments
  4. Garlic 5 cloves
  5. Shallots 5 komada
  6. Taste to taste

If necessary, you can also add complementary ingredients such as crackers with shrimp and onion sauce. To add to nampol, you can also prepare fried onions as a roux when serving.   Don’t forget to also prepare lime to add fresh flavor to this recipe  with dumplings from West Java.

Steps and how to make whipped cream on noodles

How to make this  dish is not really complicated.   The key to enjoying this typical Bandung cuisine lies in  the soup and the ingredients must be fresh.   To make a delicious and  simple recipe  for dishes, you can follow the methods and steps as follows:

  1. Prepare cow kikil

Clean the legs of the cow under running water until all the dirt and fluff are gone. Then cook the cow’s feet in a pressurized stove for about an hour so that they are tender and cooked. When boiling cow’s feet, it is not necessary to add any spices, as they will be cooked again later. When cooked, remove and drain.

  1. Prepare soup with dumplings

To make this western Java whipped soup with recipes, bring water to a boil of about 1.5 liters.   Then put the lemongrass stalks, watered leaf and ginger that are pressed into decoding water.   Do not forget to put pre-transplanted cow legs to make them softer and more cooked.

While you wait for the soup stew to boil, prepare a fine season for the soup as well.  Onion and garlic puree, then sauce from sauce to fragrant.   Then put the cooked spices in the sauce stew and cow’s feet.   Cook until you and the beef drumsticks are cooked, then add salt, sugar, pepper and flavor.

As  a complementary ingredient,  prepare the dumplings with eggs and bean brussels sprouts by  boiling them in boiling water until they wilt.   Then prepare the serving bowl and arrange  all the complementary ingredients that are  cooked and sprinkled with warm soup.   Sprinkle with fried onions and add  lime juice to make it tastier and more durable.

History  of  West Java Whipped Noodle Recipe that Has a Legendary Taste

Residents of Bandung and its surroundings must be familiar with the culinary cookery of whipped noodles.   Kuliner a delicious combination of noodles, kikiland salted soup can really  make  the tongue not stop enjoying itself.   But do you already know what is the  history of this culinary whose taste is unquestionable?

Noodle whipped cream is one of  the culinary arts believed to have existed since 1958. The name of the whipped noodles themselves is taken from the way   it is served, more precisely shaking the noodles and Brussels sprouts of the beans in a metal container with holes, and then dipping them  in  water  to cook them. This way of serving is what finally makes  typical Western Javanese cuisine called whipped noodles.

This recipe of western javanese with  dumplings has not changed from ancient times to the present day.   This culinary   dish with yellow dumplings equipped with various other ingredients such as  brussels sprouts, chopped kikil, baso, leek, celery, fried onions  that are then watered With kuah beef soups is salty and thick. It will be even more stable if added with spicy chili sauce and lime juice.   The taste is guaranteed to shake your  tongue.

The uniqueness of               this  typical Western Avant   cuisine that the seller has maintained from the past until now is the shape of a bowl for cooking noodles  and brussels sprouts of beans. From the past until now, dumpling sellers have used     metal containers with holes similar to small buckets with long  handles so as not to get   heated.

Legendarni whipped Noodle Culinary Spots in Bandung

Whipped cream   can now be  enjoyed from anywhere because  there were many culinary vendors who migrated to various regions of the archipelago such as Jakarta. However,  if you want to enjoy the  recipe for Western Avant dumplings that are truly  authentic, the city of Bandung is a paradise. In the city of flowers there are several legendary culinary places that you must   try.

One of  the most popular places to eat this hot cookery in Bandung is Persib whipped noodles.   This West Javanese culinary shop is located in the parking lot of persib stadium  right  at Jalan Ahmad Yani no. 262, Bandung City. One serving of whipped noodles is sold here for Rp. 23,000 only with the addition of delicious ribs and meat.

Another of  the best places to enjoy a typical West Java dumpling recipe is at the Mang Dadeng store.   This store is located at Jalan Banteng KH Ahmad Dahlan no.   67th Mie  Kocok Bandung Mang Dadeng is very  popular because it has  a special season consisting   of 26 spices and is a season  of family heritage for generations.

The charm and attractiveness of the city  of Bandung does not lie only in the beauty of the city. However, the cuisine of the city of flowers is also  known for being delicious even for remote parts of the archipelago. One of them is dumplings with whipped cream that have a legendary salty taste.   This recipe with Western Javanese dumpling is also not too complicated so you can try  it  yourself  at home if you haven’t had  time  to go directly to Bandung.

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