Ride info can also be seen via social media : Iphone8
Ride info can also be seen via social media : Iphone8

Ride info can also be seen via social media : Iphone8

Wahana Call Center can be contacted if there are complaints from consumers

Rides’ call center can be contacted when consumers experience problems. Wahana herself is an expedition service. In this service there are often various problems. Consumers of the attractions are numerous. This happens because its existence takes place for a long time. In addition, the provider is also open in the opening of the agent.

Anyone can sign up to become a ride agent. Of course, this is very profitable, since being an agent can bring a fairly large amount of profit. But with the continuous development of the company, new problems keep popping up. In business, it’s a matter of course.

But as a consumer, the number of problems is certainly uncomfortable. This is where the existence of the ride call center becomes very important. With its existence, every complaint can be conveyed as well as possible. The answer that will be obtained is also certainly more satisfactory compared to finding a way out on the Internet yourself.

Different ways to contact call centers

There are several ways to choose from when contacting the call center. The easiest way, of course, is to call him directly. However, the ride does not offer a phone function for consumer complaints. This is all management policy, so consumers have to follow the consequences.

In return, the call center has been replaced by Whatsapp. To contact us via whatsapp, first enter the wahana.com. From there, there will be a column with the text customer service. On a laptop, the customer service column is at the top with a yellow box.

After entering  the  customer service page, there are two options for consumers. The choice is related to the acquired problem. that’s because the choice is divided into delivery services and general services. Choose based on the problem and you will be instructed to enter the data.

The data includes full name, personal whatsapp contact, email and complaints filed. From there, the contact with the rides call center is continued via whatsapp. This method certainly makes it easier to remember that Whatsapp itself is very popular in Indonesia. In addition, this method also has advantages in terms of costs.

When using a phone, there are rates that must be paid by consumers. But when contact is made via whatsapp, the rate is obviously not there. As another option, customers can also contact wahana via email. Wahana’s own official email address  is customer.service@wahana.com. However, there are drawbacks to the service.

The disadvantage of call centers via e-mail lies in the response speed. The reaction is not as fast as with contact via whatsapp. Actually, email itself is used more for communication regarding suggestions. That’s because the email is indeed intended more as a medium for service development.

Ride info can also be seen via social media

If you want toknow more information about the rides and call centers, customers should follow their social media. Wahana herself is active on various social media platforms. The first platform with the highest level of activity is facebook. The official account itself is located at the address /wahanaexpressofficial.

However, some people don’t use Facebook anymore. That is why informationabout the call center for rides is  also available via Instagram. The official instagaram address of the ride itself is @wahanaexpressofficial. The activity of the attractions on Instagram is also quite good. His posts are always updated every day.

In addition, his followers also reached nearly 20 thousand. Of course, this number can not be considered small. If you want to be more formal, customers can actually see the ride profile on LinkedIn. The linkedin account of this provider can be found at the address /wahana-prestasi-logistics. Indeed, some business people feel more comfortable viewing profiles through LinkedIn.

In addition to information media, customers can also communicate with the social media admin. Of course, the benefits are quite similar to call centers. To communicate, the way is actually quite similar on any platform. First log in to your personal social media account. After logging in, search for the official account of the ride.

Make sure the account is official and not fake. Send a message to the official account based on the question or complaint you have. The medium of the messenger himself is different for each platform. For example, you need to install facebook messenger if you want to contact the provider via facebook.

The disadvantage of social media may lie in the lack of an official twitter account. This in itself is a shortcoming given that the number of twitterers in Indonesia is rising again. Therefore, those of you who are Twitter users should use other social media to get more information.

Various problems often experienced by consumers

There are several issues that require consumers to contact the rides call center. The first problem relates to the delivery address of the package. Whether as a sender or receiver, the customer will be harmed if the package is not sent to the desired place. There are two things that can cause it.

The first cause is an error in writing the address, while the second is a courier error when shipping. If this happens, the call center can be contacted by clearly explaining the chronology. CS will process the report immediately and decideto send it to the right place.

In addition, problems are often encountered when using the tracking function. The tracking feature itself is very useful for consumers. This feature allows consumers to find out the newest location of the shipped goods. However, often this function does not work normally. This makes the item unknown on location.

This problem clearly makes consumers feel uncomfortable. Most of the time, tracking problems occur purely as a result of errors in the system. Therefore, the call center can  quickly resolve it if there is a clear report. The condition of the package not arriving at a predetermined time can also make consumers uncomfortable.

There are two possibilities why the package may not arrive yet. The first possibility is due to delays. This happens because of transportation issues that can be limited. The second possibility itself is the loss of goods. This problem is extremely rare and almost never occurs.

By contacting the call center, customers get clarity about why the delay may occur. In addition, CS will also immediately process whether the package item is indeed lost. if the package ultimately cannot be found, further explanations will be given on the procedure for making a claim directly.

Please contact the call center if you have any questions

In addition to providing complaints, call centers can  also be used if they have multiple questions. The demand itself can be of a wide range of things, from pricing to shipping. But with one comment, the question relates to the ride and its consumers. There is no need to hesitate to ask about the issue.

This is indeed one of the most important features of CS. After all, you get answers with good speech and are comfortable when communicating directly with CS. Be sure to ask everything in detail so that the answers obtained can be satisfactory and to your liking.

Actually, it is up to you whether you benefit from the existence of a call center or not. However, we strongly recommend using it as well as possible. By using it, communication between customers and providers runs smoothly. Don’t forget to also advise the nearest people to contact the rides call center.

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