Obiolai electronic transactions : IndonesiaX
Obiolai electronic transactions : IndonesiaX

Obiolai electronic transactions : IndonesiaX

Obhio Kal Center Every user should know about the problem

Online or electronic transactions are actually a trend, where they are hungry,    they are at  the center, they are beaten by the user when they face problems. So that the user is in a wider community, the  irregular place,  the little  one is the hidden, the center service  is one of the right solutions.

This trend is basically due  to the increase in purchase and sale of online or service provider company Haru through the  Internet  .  Just as  zinc    customers can grow  their  business through the entire electrical medium.  So the concern is the city, these electronic heat are  nominally the same and  absolutely reduced.

The cost of the budget is better than the cost of the budget.  We are able to use e-money expenses but bealans prices are empty minimum transactions. If there is any problem and lack of clarity, you will be able   to connect with the center tomorrow.

It can be used to improve transaction effectiveness and flexibility. Who can handle all the  transactions    ? It can go somewhere in your  time.  All  advanced technologies are available  for  mutual  progress  and convenience to the user  . It is capable  of  improving the buying and selling process and then expects the people to grow  the economy.

The special pest is the last epidemic.  With an increased number of platforms or online-based applications, ye   will become  one  of the   solutions  for the infrastructure for multinational   buying and selling transactions.  other.  Yeslai Sazilo Linuhos,  application force security is guaranteed when there is a problem, just go to  the OVO tomorrow center.

 Obhiko Background

In 2017   , Indonesia,a  group company  called Lippo,used the electronic  manica  lagi  wallet or location as  the platform  Sirzana  Gareco  . However, Ye Platefirm lippo group subsidiary, PT Bhizenet International, by Sirjana Garrieco Theo. When the initial appearance of the  plate was actually open, the form  of the platform was intended.

The purpose of using this application is to create only one transaction tool when the company makes purchases in the Green and Lippo group, as well as hypermart and Silom Hospital.   However, as a    result, the  platform  is also   intended  to  enter   the general mansharu with the Centre for Assistance tomorrow.   .

So that in 2018, a year ago, the parent company will set up a business collaboration  with the party  so that  these applications can be established and used by different parties. Necessary.  After that, the  bank itself and other online service providers are  able  to quickly  expand  and facilitate this application.

So that the  applications favored by  the  party will become one  of the green  .  It is easier  to   use it  and  move  transactions.  I want to   know e-money as a means of reducing and  protecting transactions.  The centre of the  night should be an integrated service for the user.

Obiolai electronic transactions

At the same time as advanced, modern and fast speeds, it is amazing that  various online-based carriers   are seen. In the   present era, the startup company has lost  its growth  .  All ages  are digital so that  they need a  full-fledged internet for all  business activities.

All   online  buying and selling activities have looked at the form of green implementation solutions.  If the sale is in the form of a sale, then the buyer will be sold to the buyer.   When you see this application, you feel like the side of the green,  when you use it,  the existence of a special center  .

It is a wallet or place where users will spend money for all online buying and selling transactions.  So that no one has a wallet, they can store money in the  form of online-based applications.  The money is  definitely safe and privacy-protected,  so that the platform has layered level testing for security.

If  the user  gets  unpleasant in the mind of  the form  ,  only they will be contacted at the center, all the kura hyandel garine, and  all the goons, criticism and suggestions will be adjusted. Which company is open to customers and users  so that they can easily feel  that their  application  can be used and get satisfaction at the highest level.

The industry is in the industry

When it is widely conducted,  all buying and selling activities are  able to become  trending and     it has a significant  impact on  the user.’  For example,  when   you    want to  transfer   money nominally   to a purchase  agreement, it is an  online-based application solution.

All the victims can only have one hand.  So that all the important kura ownership of the foundation is not a  gazette, internet network and obhio account.   In  the past  , all types of buying and selling activities  can be carried out at any time and where there  is no progress.  The centre service is  available at 24:00 am on 1,500.696.

In this situation, when all types of  expenses  are bound to be paid while buying any situation, there are no signs available in the  Internet  network  at this  time. , obhio here is the form of the liberator.  This benefit is like that the user will  have a lot of interest. How many uses  are simple  and easy  .

The problem is that the experience is  harmful and suspicious, the  irregularities are going on  in touch with  the  center.  The customer  service is available 24 hours  a day, so the user will have the service of the heart for  the facility.  The  reputation  of  this application  is not the first to add eyes  to the public  , but  to all  the  people.

Users are hungry and obioka

Yes digital wallet platform is a big deal. How many  people  have established cooperation with various parties in Tinihru, of course, they   will  provide  the food or  the smallest thing  . They are  able to be interested in their experiment transactions.

For example, when the heat of the  two can be enough  dots and exchange, it is a fieda. He got various holidays through the Yasaat.  The effect of the effect is  definitely    on the part of the country. There will be  an OVO tomorrow centre for the  service centre  .

TIDis surprised that its users  will get attractive discounts from one point, even if they use transactions are going to compete.  Generally, go-food and gojek bhuktani garda dhera discount percentage is haru.    After that, the application  can be used by the user to make  money transfers  .

These practical  online-based  platforms   are  available only for use   .  All the  benefits and benefits are available. A manaan is a slap to  the gyrenti garriye.   I am a loyal friend of the UJURIHRU at  Vadodara Pani, OVO Kal Centre,  India.

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