Information About BCA Credit Card Before Making a Choice
Information About BCA Credit Card Before Making a Choice

Information About BCA Credit Card Before Making a Choice: JelitaNews

Knowing information about BCA credit cards is very important for customers as a consideration. Using cards is very easy for instant all-round transactions as it is now because of its many attractive offers. This service is deliberately provided for different customer needs so that it is on target.

As a big bank in Indonesia, of course, many customers from various circles and fields of work. This is the motivation to provide a variety of service options with different terms and limits. Before deciding to use this service you should know more to make the right choice.

Collect information about BCA credit cards in as much detail as possible in order to determine what is needed according to the offer from the Bank. Check the features of each service and how to make a CC (Credit Card) using via online to make it more time-efficient. Also check the various possible benefits because then the more confident use it.

Examples of CC (Credit Card) Types Provided by Bank BCA

Did you know, each type offered has a different limit magnitude and sometimes the benefits are different. Understand first one by one types, conditions, limits, benefits of use completely to be taken into consideration. Using that way you will not make the wrong choice and the benefits can be felt optimally.

  1. BCA-Everday Card

Information about the first type of BCA credit card offers a variety of interesting features, including:

  1. The amount of installments is only 0.5% for the cardholder
  2. Cashback Promo 5% for every bbm purchase, especially non-subsidized
  3. Cashback Promo 5% every shopping at Hypermarket and the like.
  4. BCA-Card Platinum

This second type of card gives you the facility of autodebet so that the payment process is much easier and safer. Get free annual dues and free of administration fees with special terms and conditions. Interested in getting this type of CC then can apply as long as the salary is at least Rp. 10,000,000, – / month.

  1. BCA-Mastercard Platinum

Actually BCA Mastercard has three types, namely BCA Mastercard Platinum, BCA Mastercard Black and BCA Mastercard Matahari. At a glance, BCA Mastercard Platinum provides an interest rate of 1.25% tenor for a maximum of 9 months. There is still an offer of0.75% interest rate  for installment periods of up to 36 months.

  1. BCA-Mastercard Black

Before using this type of CC should understand the information about BCA credit cards. We provide BCA Travel service is very suitable for you holiday enthusiasts or in terms of work. Customers get the best service facilities when handling passports, dokudocument travel and hotel visitorswithout any surcharge.

  1. BCA-Visa Platinum

This CC card (Credit Card) is deliberately provided for customers with high mobility, especiallytheir n  users on a daily basis. Transaction limits are provided reaching hundreds of millions and there are still many various offers and different specially designed. Using this type you are calmer when doing business without worrying about running out of limits.

Advantages of Using a Credit Card Owned by Bank BCA

Looking for information about BCA credit cards is very important as well as knowing the overall benefits. All types offer attractive and useful benefits for customers using it. Check out the benefits offered so that you can consider using this one service immediately.

  1. Traveling abroad is more convenient

We always pay attention to customer comfort, especially in business and just a vacation. Such as providing services to use CC (Credit Card) abroad more freely because the exchange rate is lower. You can also use BCA Travel Service facilities, very ready to help various affairs from passports, tickets without hassle.

  1. The network is very wide

We have a very wide network and this is indeed an advantage in providing ease of transactions. More than 1200 branches and 65,000 merchants can be used throughout Indonesia. You will feel the ease of CC (Credit Card) transaction services because it can be used anywhere easily and quickly.

  1. Guaranteed insurance service

According to information about BCA credit cards , there is also a customer insurance service for users of this service. CC cardholders are immediately guaranteed accident insurance with a value according to the type of card. Insurance products such as accident protection and maintenance costs while in the hospital with a very light cost burden.

  1. More free payment

The system for payment is also very diverse so that it makes customers more free. You can make payments at m-BCA, ATM, klikBCA and can even autodebet. Because payment is very free to make you feel calm and not afraid whenever making transactions using CC (Credit Card).

How to Make a Credit Card (CC) bank BCA Via Online

Information about BCA credit cards , especially the registration process both in person and online. Choose the registration process directly, please take the time to come to the nearest branch office. But if you don’t have a lot of time then you can submit online by following the guidelines below.

  1. Complete the required conditions

Every customer who wants to make must complete the requirements first. You have to find out what the conditions are by asking customer service or other sources. Even the process of making online must still complete the conditions that have been determined such as KTP, NPWP and others.

  1. Fill out the online submission form

The next step is to fill out the online submission form by filling out the e-form on the official website. Just go to the official website clickBCA and find the eform for making a credit card (CC). Fill in your data as completely as possible, don’t forget to check so that there is no slightest error.

  1. Wait for confirmation from BCA

If you notice at the bottom of the form there is a sign of approval to be contacted by BCA. So for the next process you just need to wait for confirmation during working hours. Just follow the process because it will not be long and not complicated if you really meet the requirements according to the bank’s provisions.

Use Call Center Service If You Have Difficulty Applying for a Credit Card (CC)

The amount of information about BCA credit cards that have been collected sometimes also still  experiences an obstacle and has a difficulty processing it. If you find it difficult when applying, you can contact bca call center. We really appreciate the criticism, suggestions, comments, and complaints from customers to improve the quality of service.

You can call by phone, send a message via email or come directly to the branch office. If you want to use the phone can be numbered (021) 235 88000 or call at Halo BCA 1500888. We also provide services via WA on 081 115 00 998.

If you want to send a message via email then you can go directly to the address. We also have official social media on twitter @HaloBCA that are always updated about various information. Whatever way is used, it must be responded to and assisted as best as possible in the process of applying for a credit card so as not to have problems.

CC (Credit Card) is often used in supporting the needs of both daily life and in the business world. BCA as a large bank in Indonesia offers a very profitable service and provides many conveniences. Increase information about BCA credit cards before applying for maximum use.

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