How to replenish DANA through ATM, you also need bank code gems and Permata Syariah : CekResi
How to replenish DANA through ATM, you also need bank code gems and Permata Syariah : CekResi

How to replenish DANA through ATM, you also need bank code gems and Permata Syariah : CekResi

Permata dan Permata Syariah Bank Code, Viktig for transaksjoner

Permata and Permata Syariah bank codes are required during interbank transactions, and are often sought after by customers.   Taking into account that today ,  the needs of society   are increasingly varied.   So interbank transactions are also often carried out.   Therefore,  different codes  are also owned  by each bank, to make the different processes easier.

As a general rule, the  code used by Permata and Permata Syariah  banks  is also composedof three numbers. Where this code can be found during transactions using ATMs or m-banking.   But to be faster, sometimes many people prefer to search for it through search sites.

Later, the code can work for several types of transactions. It is most common when k amu is transferred from another bank.   Furthermore, it can also be used when kamu replenishes DANA via ATM. Where DANA itself is a digital  wallet that  is  now increasingly used .

Permata og Permata Syariah Bank Code, brukes når Inter-Bankoverføring

Because the principles and operations are different, the  banking codes of Permata and Permata Syariah also remain different.   Although both exist in the same shade.  The Permata bank itself has the code “013”.   While in Permata, Syariah is “784”.

However, the use of pearl and Sharia pearl bank codes is  certainly still the same.   Accurately used when customers of different types of banks, hendak make transactions against the two types of banks.   Both through ATMs, e-banking, SMS Banking and other services.   Usually used when making cash transfers between banks.

It should be noted that when using a shared ATM, customers are  also still required to use this code. Where the shared ATM  itself is a machine that can be used for transactions from various banks.   But if in fact kamu goes to another  bank, then this code is still needed.

In addition to the two codes above, there are several other  digits of numbers thatmust be known by  Permata customers, especially conventional ng not Sharia.   That’s the code when filling in DANA. Where  the number that needs to be added in front of the DANA phone number  when filling up is “8528”

How to replenish DANA through ATM, you also need bank code gems and Permata Syariah

The way to replenish DANA via ATM also requires a Permata bank code  , diantara is as follows:

  1. Insert the card into an ATM

How to top up with the bank code of permata and permata syariah , of course, insert your card into the machine. Make sure the position is correct so you can do the next step. Choose the language that is easiest to understand. Just fill in your PIN and try to be careful when doing so. So that the PIN remains secure and only you know it.

  1. Pilih Transaction and Fill in the Code

Next is to choose the type of transaction to be made.   Click on the option  “Other transactions”  , and then  select  “Transfer”. Then enter the code b ankPermata, which is “013”.   First, then write the number “8528” followed by the DANA number to be filled in the balance sheet.   An example of writing is 852808xxxxxxx.

  1. Write down onfyllingsbeløpet

Now you can  write down the nominal you want to put in  the DANA balance.   Keep in mind that the minimum nominal is Rp10,000,-. So kamu should fill in that amount or exceed it. Then select the payment source.  After the transaction details are displayed, you can select “Yes” if correct.

  1. Complete the transaction

The transaction is complete, make sure that kamu gets a  notification that the transaction was successful.   Now it remains only to solve it by selecting the “Cancel” button on the machine.   Then the kamu card  will  come  out automatically.   Don’t forget to take and store the card if you don’t want to misuse it.

Top UP DANA Gjennom Permata Nettbank, Permata Bank Code ogPermata Syariah


There are also ways that can be taken to replenish DANA through Permata online banking, including:

  1. Go to the official website

First, go to the official website first, which is in   You can do it through any  browser.   Do it through a laptop, computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other device.   Of course, it can  only be done  if you have opened an  account in advance.

  1. Fill in your user ID and select Transaction

If the site opens,  you just need to fill in the user ID provided before. Also enter the account password .  Later kamu is directly aimed at the main display.   It’s time to choose the type of transaction.   Select the “Transfer”  menu and then  click  “To another bank”.   After that,  just click  on the  option “online”.

  1. Enter fund number

Later kamu put a  tick in the menu “Enter New Account”.   Here you choose Permata as the destination of the bank. Fill in  the Permata bank code to top up your DANA, which is 8528.   Of course, follow with the phone number registered for DANA.   An example is to write down 852808xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (phone number).

  1. Top up your balance

After any of the  above stages, you can  now fill in how much nominally  you want to fill in.   The minimum itself is IDR 10,000,-.   So that kamu can only fill in the nominal or exceed it.   Meanwhile,  according to the provisions, the maximum balance each month of DANA IDR is 20,000,000,-.

  1. Enter the SMS token

The last step  is that kamu will get an SMS token. Enter the token through your smartphone.   After the  transaction is confirmed, the DANA balance will be replenished.  Of course, don’t forget to stop banking online, especially when you’re not using a personal device.

How to transfer from another bank ATM using Permata Syariah Bank Code

The way to transfer from an ATM using a code from Permata Syariah bank is as follows:

  1. Insert the card into an ATM

In addition to replenishing DANA, we will also  give an overview of how to transfer with permata and permata Syariah bank codes from other banks, especially when using ATMs. The first step  , of course, is to insert your own card.   Do not forget to place the  card accordingly so that the transaction can later take place.

  1. Select Language and Fill in pin

Now select  the language you want to use, use the one you understand best, such as Indonesian.   Only then fill in the PIN and card.  Typically,   any bank uses a 6-digit number for the customer PIN.   Make sure no one else is looking at your PIN for security reasons.

  1. Select transaction type

It’s time to choose the type of transaction you want to do. It may be different, depending on which ATM you use.   But in general, tap  on the “transfer to another bank” menu.   Typically, customers also need to select  the  “Other Transactions”  option  first.   Later, there is also a menu showing the bank code  you want to go to.

  1. Top up account to be addressed

But sometimes  customers  are  too lazy when looking for codes one by one.   Then you can immediately enter the Permata Syariah bank code, which is “784” added with the destination account number.   After that, you  can  fill in the amount of nominal money you want to send.   As further information,  these interbank transactions will be subject to additional fees.

  1. Complete the transaction

Before processing the transaction with the bank code permata and permata syariah, the details are displayed first.   Namely, the name of the account owner, the name of the  bank, as well as the amount of money  to be sent.   If it is correct,  you just need to complete the transaction.   Finally, don’t forget to click on the “Cancel” button and pick up your card.

In addition  to transactions  with ATMs, when you want to transfer to Permata and Permata Syariah  banks via m-banking, you also  still need the code.   Similarly, if you use SMS Banking.   If your bank is different but doesn’t use the code, the transaction won’t run automatically.

But there is still the possibility of  obstacles due to  other  things.   So, when the transaction remains out ofthe way, you should contact the service center of the appropriate bank.   Especially when you have added the bank codes of Permata and Permata Syariah, but the transaction is still not processed as it should be.

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