Daily Use of Local Languages : Capcus
Daily Use of Local Languages : Capcus

Daily Use of Local Languages : Capcus

Learning About West Java’s Features to Learn More

There are  characteristics of  the  western Java region  that you will know  more closely about this one  province: West Java, as we know, is a province with a lot of attention, a tourist destination for a variety of people.

There are interesting things in this province that keeps many people focused on vacationing, and for those interested in knowing more about this place, you must know some of the characteristics that each region in Indonesia has different characteristics.

Knowing these characteristic desert chronicles gives us a deeper understanding of this area, and we can see that all regions in Indonesia are very  unique, and some  of the characteristics of the West Java region  should know where to distinguish this region from other countries.

This characteristic is known not only by the outside community but also by the indigenous peoples of West Java, and there are many districts of its own uniqueness in this region, so as an Indonesian, it is sad not to know the uniqueness of every region.

And the characteristics of West Java apply not only to cultural taste but also to vegetables, and with such information, we can see that Indonesia is very rich in culture and banquets.

Unfortunately, however, many young people know nothing about Indonesia,— even if they do not hold fast to this situation, perhaps leading the younger generation to lose their love for their country.

Daily Use of Local Languages

 One of the characteristics of the West Java region is that there are a lot of tribes in Indonesia, so we know there are a lot of dialects too. Daily life involves the use of dialects, so it is not surprising that although it is an island, it differs from many local languages.

There is also a special dialect for West Java, and it is easy to distinguish between Sundanese because they have a different vocabulary from other languages, and this language is used in Indonesia as well as in daily life.

That is why this language has been used not only by the Sandanese tribe but also by all in West Java, because using this language to support everyday activities is very important.

So because language is a characteristic of  the west Java region,  you may  have known inter-tribal ideas to come from West Java using the language when you are in the crowd and using SanDain.

So it’s no surprise to know that someone is from a particular region; at this point, many people who are using Indonesian languages still use dialects, but still persist and at times there will be no erosion.

Because if indigenous people are abandoned, it is very unfortunate that subsequent generations do not know the home language of their tribes; in fact, the use of language is something that distinguishes one nation from another.

 Characteristics in  Musical Instruments

Another characteristic of the West  Java  region is in the music section: Each region has its own musical instrument, identity in the region and West Java For this area, no doubt everyone knows one of its mundane musical instruments: Anklong itself is a traditional musical instrument made out of bamboo.

Of course,  many schools, including elementary schools  in  West Java, must provide this traditional musical instrument, and playing playing is as modern as it is now. It is also different from new musical instruments because simply shaking it will make some sounds; in fact, the popularity of music is well-known internationally.

There are also pipe musical instruments that are among the characteristics of West Java, almost identical to the one  made of bamboo. What can be identified can be seen in a shape made only of a bamboo, and this musical instrument also has holes that later impair the tone.

Of course, the number of holes in this instrument depends on how many songs will accompany it, but in general there are only four holes. The Sundane songs must be accompanied by this pipe, which, in fact, is not unusual when someone is in the field of rice and entertains themselves.

Features of the Food Section

It is  incredible that western Java’s characteristics are also reflected in food, and there are many specialists located even outside West Java. It suggests that there are a lot of people who like food,  call it like badger or sioma, one of the most easily detectable West Java foods in the outdoor area.   

The food contains fish meat, wrapped in spring skin and tofu and tastes peanuts, as well as street foods, as well as dishes such as Manuel Block. The blackness itself is a special meal made by the casava and thanks to the coconut that acts as a shaven dish. This dish itself is   envious of the two blocked varieties  of cadavers and  m.

Additionally, there is also wildly popular income rice and  is even included in one  of the characteristics of  West Java coming from Tarsimala. It is a mixture of oncamp or dried, not only stimulating it during the mix, but waiting will mix evenly between Oncon and Rice.

There are also dishes such as green sarabe, a karawan food, this sarabi is another to make the colour green, although the production process is almost identical Of course, because there are sugarcane fragments, other sarabi is different from others, and the use of these food colors is to avoid using food color and to keep it safe when eaten.

The Features of Traditional Dance

  The features of West Java are also reflected in the traditional dance section, one of the traditional dances that originated in West Java. The story of the sungun gun Jetty when he wanted to control Siribon in a meaningful place of wisdom, but it was then attacked by the Prince of Welland that ultimately the war broke out.

Using masks in this dance has 13 different colours with different qualities and colours in each category, but recently many people are red and white Only colors were used, and the use of the mask was also coordinated with the theme of the event, as well as the peacock dancing that inspired the peacocks.

The symbol of the crown is the symbol of the crown so that the dancers will use the crown. Of course, this dance is very popular even in foreign countries, as well as the already very popular Jaipun dance.

But this dance has once used controversy because although the moves are relatively sensible, they have recently begun to be reconserved, so they are in one of these states West   Java’s  characteristics  can help preserve him, so west Java’s characteristics help him to maintain T was not surprised  to learn that he  could help  .

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