BNI Communication Center Service 24 hours : DIMENSIKU
BNI Communication Center Service 24 hours : DIMENSIKU

BNI Communication Center Service 24 hours : DIMENSIKU

Bni call the Service Information Center 24 hours tax free

The 24-hour BNI connection center service is one of the efforts to facilitate every customer as a commitment from one of the ruling companies. Financial services are really attractive because many people are currently unable to manage their finances. The result is not savings, but instead waste.

Keeping money in the bank can really be said to be very safe and reliable. Apart from having a  good management system  , the situation as one of the state’s businesses will become its own jamina this bank is one of the commercial entities that is managed and managed under the strict supervision of the government

It is noteworthy that the bank has long been established as a bank established during its independence and has a long history of how financial  management  has a strong foundation to date. It is not surprising that it now has large assets with millions of customers across Indonesia.

With a long history and commitment to providing the best service, the 24-hour bni connection center service is one of the forms of this commitment. It has many goals and can certainly provide solutions in the middle of the problems customers face. The NIA’s presenceprovides a sense of security and security for all bank customers.

A summary of the history of the Bank of THE NI

The National Bank of Indonesia or THE NIA was established in 1946 after Indonesia became independent This bank will continue to develop very quickly because it has a good system. In addition, the services provided to each customer make it a strong foundation. A few years later, his name was widely known to the public.

The 46 logos now used by the bank date back to the year it was founded in 1946, the identity logo that the DNA is one of the nation’s product banks. This is seen after the independence of education of financial services and now it belongs to the government

Draw attention again , in 1992 received a new legal situation as one of the listed companies a public company whose shares can be owned by the wider community With the 24-hour BNI communications center service , this legal situation is good news for many .

The offer of shares in this bank was immediately requested by many. Especially looking at the institution that  has long been present  with a good management system  can also be said to be the first bank to get a load. Therefore, the improvements and services offered to customers are very convincing.

BNI Communication Center Service 24 hours

To support services for each customer, closeness is required for everyone. Call center services are a kind of proximity to providing a sense of security and security. In addition, it is not unstable for customers who have some problems making them understand financial services.

Stopping one solution as a slogan intended to provide good services to everyone can be enjoyed for a full 24 hours and can be accessed from all regions. You can easily get a lot of information about products and facilities here.

You can contact this 24-hour BNI Call Center service without requiring area code. You can contact 1-5000-46 directly from your personal phone. If you’re using a mobile phone, you can call 68-888. It’s very easy because it can be started at any time or anywhere.

In addition, you can submit complaints via email and fax service. Enough to send a specific email address to At the same time, if you use fax, you can use 021-25541203. Of course, this facility called BNI will help with any problems you have.

Interestingly, all connections end up using the end system. This means that any problem that the customer owns will be solved without a connection. The problem can be resolved quickly at a specified time without sending a connection. Although the problem relates to a specific matter, it is usually transferred to the surrounding branch office.

Written and oral complaint procedure

The 24-hour BNI communication center service is the leader of a company close to customers. While the operation itself is performed in two ways, written and oral. Each complaint procedure generally has about the same system. The only difference is the way it is used by the customer itself.

If you use the written action, you must visit the official website. Then type into the Kamy meeting list. Here you can write any experienced complaints and await answers from the bank. The response is usually sent to the customer’s email address directly if there is a solution.

You can also use bni email and fax address to file any complaints. You can get an answer for a while after you file a complaint. There are also other ways if you want to get an answer as soon as possible. You can go to the nearest branch office and then raise the problem.

Apart from written style, customers can take advantage of the oral style with the BNI 24-hour Call Center service. It’s enough to call 1-5000-46 at any time or anywhere without worry. But for this call you will then be charged a phone fee. The amount of N-Yes depends on the provider you are currently using.

The officer will then register and submit the complaint to the customer, and then the officer will announce the outcome of the complaint, whether it will be resolved immediately or not, and it will take some time and will be asked to come back later to take the decision of the complaint he has experienced.


As a long-term financial service provider, there are certainly some convenience products provided for everyone. Any convenience product can be accessed through bni 24-hour call center services. This is to adapt and accommodate all community components to receive the same service.

The first product is called THE NABI Toplos requiring initial IDR payments of 500,000 to the Jaboditabek area . Meanwhile , expected customers outside Jaboditbek need an initial RPP payment of 250,000 However, several important documents are required, such as ID, driver’s license, dome certificate, and kitas.

There is also a BNI Talus Bison product that is very suitable for use by actors or expected merchants Some of the facilities obtained are detailed money flow information at the end of the month and much more. Requirements in the form of ID and initial payments include RPP 1 million .

There are also product facilities for young people as students and so on through THE NNA Talus Muda This facility is divided by age level, which is 15 to 17 years old and 17 to 25 years old or first grade but married. While the needs are nearly the same as other products.

As one of Indonesia’s largest financial service providers , THE NI46 is certainly active in offering various facilities . not just in products and facilities for customers. But other services are also able to reach one of them at any time through the 24-hour BNI Communications Centre service.

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